About Me

Just in case you don't know me, I am Susie Simmons and I am a self proclaimed geek. I also happen to be a wedding photographer who juggles a full time job and busy family on top my busy business. Over the years, I have used (what feels like) every studio management or client management system there is to some degree. I have been using Táve since April of 2014 and operate the Táve Automations blog. When not running my business, I provide technology-related professional development services for a school district and have been a regular presenter at several state-wide conferences.

My Consultation Services

I am often asked if I would provide "white glove" service and set up Táve for others. While I can do that, I'll honestly say that I do not want to. My style is to support you as you learn to use the system on your own so that you are not stuck calling someone to perform otherwise simple tasks. I am a teacher by nature; doing it for you would accomplish very little for your long term use of Táve.

With that being said, I offer my Táve consultation services via hourly appointments so that we can focus on your unique needs and learning style. Consultations may be booked as in person meetings, video conferencing via Google Hangouts, or even via phone calls. Each consultation is individually tailored to your skill set and needs to help you leverage the power of the Táve Studio Management system.

Topics include, but are not limited to...
  • Getting started with Táve (branding, products, contracts, and quotes)
  • Advanced quotes offering your clients packages, a la carte, and options while booking to upsell themselves
  • Crafting workflows that best suit your needs to keep you on track
  • Customizing Táve (products, jobs, etc.)
  • Utilizing tokens to ensure consistency and reduce your workload
  • Using automations to have Táve do more of your work FOR you
My Táve consultations are $60 per hour for up to two users (that means you can share the cost with your other Táve friends). If you are interested in booking me for a group session or workshop, I can provide a customized quote for you.

If you are interested in setting up a consultation with me, please fill out the contact form below and I will be in touch to set it up with you.